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We are in the Clear! ❤️

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Almost eight months ago we sat in the same room we sat in today meeting my Oncologist for the first time and learning how unique my situation was and the journey we were about to embark on with cancer. At that time I was carrying our son at only eighteen weeks pregnant and not even knowing what the future would hold for us, but today as we sat in that same room, eight months later, I looked across from me and there was our healthy, three month old son looking back at me smiling SO big sitting on one proud and happy Daddy. How surreal.. then to hear my scan was CLEAR of Cancer! 

All I can say is in life we can be dealt some tough shit to be quite honest and you have two choices, give up or give it your all. Giving it my all has been my attitude since day one and will always, ALWAYS be my attitude because that got me through this and it will get me through anything else. When you fight for something it will show you just how much you want it so when you get it, and what you put in to get it, you will be a changed person for life and you'll never look at things the same again. This applies to so many things. When you have passion for life, gratitude, faith, love, hopefulness, nothing will ever stop you from living a good life despite any negative vibes that come your way. 

So here we are, cancer free and man I feel like a completely different person then I was eight months ago, the things I've learned from being so scared to seeing everything come together and life blossom for us even more. Especially being a Wife and Mother to the two amazing men, all I can end with is God is SO good! Thank you ALL for always giving us so much love and support.❤️

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