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ZYIA Active is an active lifestyle brand. It is also a culture that believes in embracing activity with excitement, vigor and delight. We feel that pushing your body and mind is easier and more fun with friends and family. Our mission is to inspire and uplift by making activity a fun and essential part of life.

Sheila Chasse

Independent Representative & Director for ZYIA

"My name is Sheila Chasse and my WHY with Rise Fearlessly (if you haven’t already read the other parts to my site) is simply put, I want to leave the world better than I found it, and Zyia Active became a piece to my big Rise Fearlessly puzzle so to say, to continue my movement of just that."


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My Connection to Zyia

In 2019 I was introduced to Zyia Active. I placed my first order and let’s just say I fell IN LOVE! I have been in the fitness industry for over eight years and have never come across an Activewear line like Zyia. Highly functional, durable, activewear to everyday wear, does what it says it does, fashionable, and most of all comfortable. Let’s not forget that Zyia is for EVERYBODY (including men and children, yes my husband LOVES his Zyia too!) and EVERY BODY TYPE (Al Beautiful Shapes and Sizes). So in December 2019 I teamed up with Zyia Activewear as an Independent Representative, launching my own Activewear business I now call “Girl Rising.” 


I have an amazing group of woman on my Girl Rising Team all ROCKING their very own Activewear businesses! We individually chase our dreams, while together Rising and sharing the success of this brand. Here’s a few shots of a recent shoot with did, missing a few ladies and now we’ve grown even bigger, but you get the gist! We have a BLAST and do more than sell activewear. We are a tribe of woman supporting woman. That my friends is when incredible things happen. 

So why Zyia? Why was it a perfect fit for my Rise Fearlessly movement? Well, the product, the message, the brand - it has always been something so much more than just activewear. ZYIA Active is a culture - a lifestyle. It has a meaning to it’s core like Rise Fearlessly. It has beauty to it, it wasn’t just tossed together by luck, but by a journey that sparked a whole domino affect and launch this amazing company called Zyia. A woman with dreams and vision set out to build Zyia and did JUST THAT. Just like my own dreams and visions with my own business. I can’t wait to witness the domino affect of my own movement, so what a better company than Zyia Activewear to add to my puzzle of Rise Fearlessly. Like I said, it’s more than just activewear! 

Zyia Active is a culture that believes in embracing health, wellness, and activity. Our mission is to inspire and uplift by making activity a fun and essential part of life. 

Zyia is defined by four pillars that make up the brand and culture:


LIGHT ≫ something that makes vision possible


ACTIVITY ≫ the quality or state of being active


COMMUNITY ≫ (a) a unified body of individual; (b) common character, likeness community of interests; (c) social activity, fellowship 


UPLIFT ≫ (a) to hold up or serve as a foundation or prop for; (b) to lift up, elevate


My WHY- to leave this world better than I found it in ALL aspects. Zyia Active joins in on my journey. 

Why Shop With Zyia?

Zyia is always improving and investing in innovations for technology in it’s fabrics.

The following are Top Priorities in Zyia Clothing: 

-Moisture Control 

-Temperature Control 

-Strategic Ventilation 



-Sweat Wicking 

-Slimming Component 

-Muscle Support 



What company can say they have ALL of these components in their clothing?! 


Where most athletic wear is offered at sizes 0-14, Zyia has leggings up to XXXXL, or a size 20, and bra sizes XXXL that can fit up to a 38F. Everyone should be able to wear clothing that fits and functions the way you need it to AND feels beautiful in what they are wearing! 


While we have a long list of staple items, items that we will always have available – because every girl needs a great pair of black leggings – we also offer so many products that are limited edition. This can sometimes be discouraging when you miss out on something you love, but when you get your hands on one of these product it’s a pretty cool feeling knowing no one else will have that amazing pair of leggings your just scored!

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About the Company

[By Founder & CEO, Erin Bradley]

ZYIA's story began on a snowy, moonlit hike. I was in good company, surrounded by women, all pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones and further up the trail. Our awkward snowshoes crunched along, creating a soft background to the soundtrack of our laughter and words of encouragement.

At one point, finding myself at the back of the group, I looked up to see the moon shining brightly over this amazing group of ladies. All were actively helping to lift one another physically and mentally.

I stopped in my tracks, touched by the beauty of the experience as much as by the play of moonlight on snow.

The feeling of empowerment I took from that experience stayed with me. I wanted to find a way to create more opportunities for women to come together—to uplift and support one other.

Six months later, when my husband, Jeremiah, and I were considering starting a business together, this experience gave us our inspiration. We both try to support companies that value community, and we agreed our new company should do the same. Add Jeremiah's knowledge and business expertise to my love of people and fashion, and it's easy to see how we arrived at the idea of offering high-quality activewear. And not just quality activewear, but a line and a company designed around empowerment, community, and self-improvement.

We talked about my inspiration during that moonlit hike and turned my impressions into the four pillars at ZYIA’s foundation: Light, Activity, Community, and Uplift.  Even the beauty of that moon, the symbol that sparked it all, now serves as our logo. 

ZYIA offers many ways to enhance your life. If nothing else, I hope it adds light to your journey.


ZYIA is an active lifestyle brand. We are a culture that believes in embracing health, wellness, and activity. Our mission is to inspire and uplift by making activity a fun and essential part of life. 



ZYIA is built from a community of women empowering women. We are independent representatives of ZYIA Active, which means each brand ambassador gets to build a unique business however best suites their lifestyle. 

At the core, ZYIA believes working for your goals should be fun and hugely rewarding. As a rep, you get all the perks of a successful job without having to clock in or report to a boss. You are a business owner and part of the ZYIA story and family. You get to choose who you work with and when you work - while wearing fashionable, high quality activewear and fitness apparel.


QUALITY ≫ ZYIA Active is known for our premium fabrics ideal for high performance activity. Most materials are a compressive, 4-way stretch fabric that blends form, fit and style. Our fabrics are breathable and wick sweat - keeping you dry during even your toughest workouts. ZYIA Active leggings are sweat proof, squat proof and overall perfection - the best I have ever worn.

FIT ≫ There is no line, hem, or style that hasn't been strategically thought out and placed. Our high waisted leggings smooth your waistline and legs for a flattering and slimming fit - without rolling or stretching out. Our material adapts and moves with you in the best way. Our pieces are designed to keep you feeling uplifted and motivated.

CURRENT ≫ ZYIA is one of kind in the activewear market. The company launches new products every week—which means the line is always staying current and updated with new pieces. You get to have unique clothes for when you’re at the gym and also for your normal daily activities. 

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