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During chemo is sure a journey and after is still a big journey to recovery..

Hello everyone! So it's been quit some time since my last update! Logan is going to be 8 Months old on the 19th of this month. I can't believe it. He is the most amazing little human I have ever come across. This kid always has a smile on his face and is constantly laughing and so extremely happy. We were/are so blessed. He is 100% healthy and is growing like a weed! Couldn't ask for anything more. No effects on him from the chemotherapy! 

As far as me, I am 5 months in remission. I go every 6 weeks to have my chemo port flushed in my chest still and meet with my Oncologist. I originally met with the surgeon to have it removed, but after talking it over with my doctor, they suggested I leave it in until I hit the one year mark of cancer free, that will also be my second PET Scan as well. So it gets to hang out in my body for a little while longer.

I'm still not feeling myself 100% that's for sure. The nurses told me at my last port flush that chemo runs and stays in your body for up to ONE YEAR. Ugh. So I have my days, my workouts and eating healthy keep me going and fueled, but my body has taken a serious "beating" so to say over the past 8 months. Some days I am DRAINED. Pheww. 

I have some issues with lung strength. Some of the chemo drugs I was given effect your lungs and now I'm having to rebuild my strength. So working out can sometimes be a little hard for me because I workout hard, but also have to be easy because my lungs still aren't in the best condition they were prior, it almost feels like asthma, but I've been cleared of that. I'm getting there though, each time I run or do intense training I'm rebuilding my strength, one day at a time. Never giving up. Me teaching my classes will be on hold though because of the issue... 

Night sweats are another crazy thing that popped up a few weeks back. I mean I wake up drenched! That was a symptom of my lymphoma, but I'm thinking it's now just my body ridding toxins out of it. Man do they suck though! As far as mood, chemo does a number on you emotionally. I have to take it day by day, but it's very unexplainable how it makes you feel. Some days I can feel depressed while others I feel totally fine. Again, the nurse told me its quit common to feel this way. Just hoping it gets better with each passing day. 

So that's just a brief little update on how things are going. Overall they are wonderful because we are all in GOOD HEALTH and one happy little family together. I couldn't be more thankful and blessed. My husband and my little boy keep me going. I stay positive and know this is all part of the journey and I'm at least on the road to recovery. During chemo is a journey and AFTER chemo is STILL a journey, that's for sure. 


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