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Staging the Cancer

June 17th I had my MRI of my abdomen at 9am. That went ok, it was just extremely loud for those of you who have never had one and it's a very confined space which was not fun as well. I literally felt like I was in a movie... It just didn't feel real to be in there because of cancer.. While laying there I thought of all the people before me that had laid there thinking the same things.. Life just felt so fragile at that point. Breathing felt like a gift that you never really that we never really take the time to notice. The only thing keeping my mind occupied was feeling our baby moving all over during it, poor little guy was probably wondering what all that noise was. :) It all took about a half hour then we were on our way home.

Then I was back to the Oncologists office for my Bone Marrow Biopsy three hours later with Jamie (my husband). First thing: They told us my MRI of my abdomen was clear!! This was great to hear. Also the Chest X-Ray only showing the nodes where the cancer is (right neck/right clavicle region) there were no other visible nodes in the chest so this was a good start to the appointment. But we are pushing to have them do a MRI of my chest because X-rays can leave things out and because I'm pregnant I can't have a CT Scan or PET Scan so MRI would be my only option right now. The doctor has to run it past the other specialist in Boston and hopefully we can get that done.

So back to the next thing, this procedure would be done right out of there office (the bone marrow biopsy). All I can say is it was an experience I have never had or felt in my entire life. I would suggest if any of you ever had to do this which I pray you don't and you get an option to be put to sleep, do it. To briefly tell you, they can only numb as far down to the top of the bone with lidocaine (what they use to fill a cavity at your dentist). The bone can not be numbed... They then insert a large needle apparatus that has to be cranked into the bone (they entered my right hip) that needle has a unique end that can pull out the samples. Once inside the bone they remove marrow and a piece of the actual bone. Worst pain I've experienced in my life. I got unfortunate enough as well as fortunate at the same time with this test because when the doctor started he couldn't get the needle through the bone, after the FORTH try he told me I simply had the best bones and hardest bones he has ever encountered during his entire practice.. Lol.. that I would more then likely never get osteoporosis, that's my the fortunate part! :) So then he asked the medical assistant to get the BIGGER needle out... My heart sank.. What?? (my unfortunate part)

I was told this was the needle they have to use for people who are extremely obese bc they have a lot of tissue and such to go through and this needle was a lot stronger not to mention bigger.. Well he had no more then a pinch of skin to go through on me, but had to push with all his might to pop that needle through my bone! And finally it went in! Thank the heavens.. I was sweating and shaking like a leaf from the pain and once he was in the bone the pain got so severe as he started removing the samples.. He got out the marrow, but when he went to take the chunk of bone the first time he missed and had to go back in to grab it again. Talk about being disappointed.. the doctor was sweating at this point and I had said a few choice words.. Lol but all went as well as it could and we finished.. It was like the last day of school feeling when he said I was done! Ahh I was so happy! They had me stay for 30 mins or so after just because I was bleeding a little heavy and they wanted it to stop before I left. They brought back Jamie into the room so he could sit with me and I got to share the experience with him. Glad that is over and done with!

Now we wait and pray nothing made it into my bone marrow.. We don't meet with the oncologist until next Friday, June 26th to get the results and finally know what stage the cancer is in. They will also be letting us know what their plan of action would be and we just have to make sure it's the best decision for everyone. We have a good team of doctors so I know we are in great hands!


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