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Staging Results

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Well Friday 6/26/15 went as we hoped it would! My Bone Marrow Biopsy is CLEAR! That is a very good thing and we feel very blessed for that news. My Lymphoma was staged at 2A (staging is a little confusing so I won't get into all that). But we are happy it's only at stage 2! I've been having a lot of pain in the area/surrounding area the tumors are in and Hodgkins Lymphoma is generally not suppose to be painful so they are a little concerned as to what may be causing all the pain. It could be the back up of the lymph nodes not draining correctly, but they still can't say for certain. Since I'm pregnant they have only been able to do a Chest X-Ray, but now with all this pain and we have noticed quick growth in the lymph nodes, my Oncologists talked with the other specialist he has been communicating with from the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, MA and they agree we should get an MRI of my chest to really show in more detail what's going on.

This will be done this coming Tuesday 6/30/15. The MRI is totally safe for the baby, they were just hesitant on doing it at first because Chest MRI's are not a "normal" procedure (But neither is my case).. And for the lovely sake of Insurance purposes..... Things have to be done in a particular order. So we are so thankful this scan will be done.. Not that it will change much because like the doctor said, once the chemo is started it will kill anything and everything cancerous in it's path. But we would feel so much more relaxed knowing they found EVERY tumor there is in my body. Once the baby is delivered they will be able to do all the other scans (CT/PET) that can look even deeper to really double check everything and keep track of the change with treatment, but for now we have to do things around about way for the health of our sweet little angel.  

So with all that, we also got the thumbs up that chemotherapy will be starting ASAP. Monday morning 6/29/15 we meet with the surgeon for a pre-op to discuss my port I will be having put in my chest. This will make for easy access for treatment and because chemo can shrink your veins, I would prefer the port over being stuck a million and one times throughout this journey. I'm just a little nervous for the procedure, not worried about myself really, just worried about the baby. But the surgeon will communicating with our OBGYN and they will be doing everything to protect him as well as myself. 

We are hoping the port gets put in next week as well because we go for my Chemo Teaching class the following Monday 7/6/15. It's about a two hour class and they will go over everything with Jamie and I about the treatments. I will be going every other week for treatment for three hours at a time and treatment will be ranging to about six months as of now, but this is just a estimate for we can not foresee what may happen! We could be cleared sooner! :) They have a whole chemo treatment area set up right out of my oncologists office so that's were treatment will start. They will be setting it up so that my treatments will be on the days my oncologist himself is in the office so they can always keep an eye on everything, as well there is always two nurses and one APRN in the treatment room. My OBGYN is also right down the hallway along with the lab if I need my blood counts drawn, so everything will be right at our excess, but in a smaller more comfortable setting. 

So we push on.. Next week will be filled with a lot more new information and we will be closer to the start of my treatment to get this under control and get me Cancer FREE! 


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