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Preparing for the Chemo Port

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Monday 6/29/15 Jamie and I met with the surgeon who will be placing my chemo port in my chest. The procedure is scheduled for Monday 7/6/15 so this changes my chemo teaching class (which was scheduled that day) to that Wednesday 7/8 and that is when we should find out my first treatment date. I'm not going to lie I'm very nervous for the port procedure just because I've never had any type of surgeries or things implanted in me before. I mean it's never been on the top of my list.. Lol.. I won't be under full anesthesia, only under "twilight" and the surgeon assured us this is safe for the baby. Although my mind is still restless about it... I know it will be over quickly, I will be in great hands, I will have my #1 supporter by my side, and I will be another step closer to kicking cancers ASS! 

Yesterday 6/30/15 I had a MRI of my Chest. That was not very exciting.. The abdomen MRI wasn't bad that a had a week or so ago because your only half way in the "cave of magnets" lol and the loud noises are below you.. As for the chest, whole new ballgame. I was inside this tiny space with maybe three inches above my face, while being strapped down and legs tapped. Talk about claustrophobia overload! But the techs were super nice and I had headphones on that I could hear them through and they played some good country music for me.. Tough that doesn't cover up the loud space ship sounds the MRI makes.. And boy was Baby Chasse moving ALL over! I don't think he rested once, wondering where in the heck are we Mom?! I was inside the MRI for about an hour, then I was finished and life went on. ;) 

As of today 7/1/15 I haven't received any results back yet from the Chest MRI, I should get them back by the end of today as they told me yesterday after the scan they would be read and sent over to my Oncologist on the same day.. 


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