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New Doctor on board!

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

6/22/15 we met with our new OBGYN that will be on the team with my cancer doctors. Since I'm considered a High Risk Pregnancy now we will only be seeing the actual doctor and he will be the one also delivering. Unlike before this whole situation I was being rotated between six different doctors at UCONN and depending on who would be on call at the time of my water breaking would of decided my delivering doctor. We are very happy with this new doctor. He is a very supportive and knowledgeable, he has only ever had two cases like mine since this isn't a very common scenario, but he knows what he's doing and they will be watching and monitoring baby and me up to three times a week! We are certainly in for A LOT of appointments! They will be doing ultra sounds every 3 weeks to watch our sons growth, prenatal stress tests on him and I twice a week to watch how are bodies are doing such as heart rate, blood pressures, movement in him, etc. They will also keep track of all my blood counts and his to make sure we are neither under any stress. 

All of these test contributors will determine when he will arrive, but as of now he will be arriving in October at some point instead of my original due date of November 12th. And of course I will be induced and as of now I am fully capable of still having him all natural, the way I wanted to and would like to. Breast feeding will be the only thing I will not be able to do as I planned because of the chemo. So we will be praying he continues to grow as good as he is now and all my counts stay up during treatment! The only thing chemo can bring on to the baby is it can cause low birth weight because of my body not being balanced enough to help him.. But we hope to avoid that, but we also have such a wonderful team of doctors that will make sure everything is ok for us both.  Now we wait till Friday for our appointment with my Oncologist.. Which is when we find out the stage of my cancer and the treatment plan in store for me. We also get the test results back from the Bone Marrow Biopsy, so continuing to pray it comes back clear!  Later that day on June 15th was our ultra sound appointment for our son. What a day, but we at least got to end it well by seeing him and knowing all was perfectly fine with our sweet little prince. They confirmed it was a boy of course, since we found out through genetic testing (blood work) that he was a boy back around 12 weeks pregnant. Though we got some bad news this day, we also got great news that our baby is healthy and growing the way he should be. We are still so blessed despite everything else.

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