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Let the battle begin!

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Yesterday Jamie and I went for my Chemo Class (which was just an informative meeting with the Chemotherapy Nurse on my specific treatment plan (when I'll start), possible symptoms I'll experience from the chemo, and questions we may of had. The nurse sat us down and went over the entire lists of medications I will be given together that makes up my chemo. My chemo regimen is called AVBD (made up of 4 different types of chemo drugs). It was all Very overwhelming to say the least. Each medication comes with a packet of symptoms you can possibly get, but with keeping a good diet like I have been, staying Extra hydrated, and avoiding at my best, germs, I'm hoping I can steer clear of a majority of the symptoms. But on top of that and also being pregnant, when you tend to already feel fatigued sometimes and your own pregnancy symptoms, I know I will have my work cut out for me. But I'm ready, all the pain I've experienced up until this point has certainly prepared me for anything that may lie ahead.

 I'm nervous. Naturally, just for the unknown. Sitting in the chemo room yesterday evening as they uncovered my port incision (got to see it for the first time, Jamie says I'm a Bionic Woman lol) and drew blood work from my arm, I looked at everyone around me.. Wondering what they were "in for". It felt so unreal to be sitting in a room like that. Not that it's a bad place, just that something like this never really crosses your mind that you might be doing it one day yourself, but I know God has a plan. And it's a damn good one I'm thinking. He gave me this because he knows I could handle it. And I am doing just that.  Chemotherapy starts next Wednesday, July 15. Jamie will be driving me in for the three hour treatment (they base your treatment and how often you must go off your height/weight, what your body can absorbed and hold I guess, so I will be going every other week for three hour visits at a time for six months). It takes two hours to push one medication through my port and I have a total of four medications to go so it's going to be a long day. They ask that you don't drive yourself because some of the things I'll be getting can make me very sleepy and loopy. Plus my first round we have to make sure I have no reactions and I could possibly become sick afterwards so don't want to take any chances.  Along with chemo starting I'll be having appointments two days a week with my OBGYN to start monitoring the baby. To watch for any stops in growth or anything that could become alarming and potentially make him need to be delivered sooner. They will be doing something like stress tests on him and I twice a week (these are not like a heart stress test you take on a treadmill, similar, but different). Watching his heart rate and mine, watching his movements, making sure he's doing great like they expect him to do, watching my blood pressure changes, all that fun stuff to make sure we are both safe! They have reassured us and we have done Plenty of research and have amazing doctors from Dana Farber Institute in Boston, that I am in a safe spot in my pregnancy to receive treatment and any affects it could have on our baby are small and are all things that can be monitored and helped. No birth defects or anything harmful is going to come of him. His bodily organs are developed they said, it's just a matter of him getting bigger now and for the lungs to continue to grow, as chemo can contribute to low birth weight. I will have to be induced like I mentioned before and taken earlier then my original due date of November 12th, But I can still have a natural delivery (I don't have to have a c-section, unless something at the time pops up).  So in a nut shell and for the most part, that's what's going on.. I'm healing well after the port placement on Monday so that's a plus! It's still tender and sore, but it's healing good! It will be ready for use next Wednesday with my first chemo treatment. I will let you all know how the first treatment goes of course, until then Thank You All for all the kind words, continued support, prayers and love you share with us! It is appreciate every second of every day. 


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