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First Chest Rescan, MRI Result

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Sorry for the delayed update! It's was a very busy weekend with starting to prep for the arrival of Baby Chasse. We are enjoying it so much though! My Oncologist called me Friday evening on his way home from work to let me know the MRI showed him what he was hoping and expecting to see, CHANGE! :) 

Though the best form of imaging is going to be done after I deliver (the PET/CT Scan) the MRI still gives them a good idea as to how the chemo is working and if it's doing it's job and it is! The largest one in my chest near my heart has shrunk in size along with several others going down in size in my chest. I was so happy and thankful to hear this! My Oncologist said he was very pleased with what he was seeing although is doesn't change my dosage, strength, or length of treatment. I will still have to continue through the six months of chemo. 

Once I deliver here in six weeks or less, they can do a full scan with the dye to make sure they haven't missed anything and actually see what is still cancer and what could be just scar tissue at that point. 

On another note my Nonstress Tests started this morning for Baby Chasse and I will continue having these twice a week up until I deliver. The nurse said his heart sounded very strong. It was so comforting hearing his heart beat so strong, he has not a clue the battle he is and has already fought. He is certainly our strong little miracle baby. 


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