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Chest MRI Results

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Well we got another one of those calls again last night around 4:45pm.. I had been waiting all day for the call with the results of the scan. I knew when I seen the number come across that it was my Oncologist calling.. He starts our by asking me, do you got a few minutes to talk, and then my heart sinks a little, yet again. I wasn't  shocked by what he was saying because of the pain/symptoms I've been having, plus we were the ones pushing hard for this scan to be done in the first place so I was really ready for any news in a sense...

My oncologist went on to explain there was a lot more cancerous nodes in my right chest area (below my right clavicle/neck that I first found them in). There is a 4cm one located near my heart and a large one located behind my right breast, along with several other ones scattered around in the area. I've also had swelling under my right armpit and there are some located there as well.. 

This doesn't change my course/dose of treatment as of now and my stage is still 2A because the nodes are all located in the same area. Just makes me wonder how long they have been sitting in my chest, this is probably the originating spot of the cancer (the chest) and with the reduced immune system with pregnancy, it finally traveled up into my neck were it could be noticed and found. It makes a lot of sense for the breathing issues I've been having over the past few years (lymphoma can lay doormat for years sometimes before detected) since the oncologist said it could be pressing on a lot of things inside my body, contributing to many symptoms.. 

I'm just glad we know now where all the cancer is located and hope for some big changes when treatment starts.. I get the chemo port placed next Monday and the chemo class is on Wednesday. My doctor says they are able to administer chemo within 24hrs after the port is placed and that he wants to start ASAP so looks like we won't be waiting for the stitches to come out before we start... I could have my first round of chemo next week as well! We will know more about that next Wednesday. 

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