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Chemo Round Three

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Seems each week (that I'm off of chemo) flies by and another round is already right in front of me. Though it's killings the cancer and saving me, it's so draining. My mood suffers greatly the first couple days after treatment from the steroids and other prep meds I'm given all before they administer the chemotherapy drugs. I'm starting to get a little more fatigued the more treatments I'm getting into, but I'm also pregnant and getting closer to my third trimester so I'd say it's a mix. Chemo sure doesn't help though. 

Jamie and I met with my Oncologist before my treatment Wednesday morning and he let me know my blood work results (I have to have my blood counts drawn two days prior to my treatment to make sure blood cell counts are up) which were perfect he said! Still showing some anemia, but that is also common in pregnancy so not a huge concern. He also mentioned after my forth round of chemo they are going to do another chest MRI. I didn't think, from what they were saying, that I would have any more imaging done till after the baby so I'm really excited to have this done! It will let us know if the chemo is shrinking the cancer in my chest. 

So as far as my treatment on Wednesday  that all went smoothly. I just became really tired during this treatment and when I got home I started having some mild symptoms of shortness of breath, which is a common side affect to one of the chemo drugs and it's suppose to become less of a problem the further I get into treatment. Not like pregnancy already doesn't cause shortness of breath, I now get it from the chemo.. double whammy! Lol BUT I was grateful when I woke up this morning it had eased up. 

We go next week to have another ultra sound and check up on the growth of our precious baby boy and to also do my glucose screening. I can't wait to see how much he's grown in these few weeks since we last seen him. They will also be starting the stress tests on him at 30 weeks so in another two weeks those will begin twice a week up until delivery. We have just about 10 weeks till his arrival. We cannot wait! He has no idea the battle he has already under went, he is going to be such a strong little boy. Our little miracle. 


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