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Chemo Round Seven

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Man do I hate this, it's after 1AM (for me that's super late lol) I'm usually passed out by 9am or so, but honestly I'm up every few hours throughout the entire night so what's the difference. Perfect time to journal and get it all out. So many people say "get your sleep now why you can, before the baby comes" worst statement ever by the way. Your not sleeping throughout the entire night at this stage, my body is ready to at least wake up to something other then having to pee 20 times a night lol. If you had good sleep at 35 weeks, God Bless you! ;) 

Tonight though I'm wide awake from all the prep meds again that I got earlier today and can not, for the life of me, shut down my mind. On top of all the chemotherapy, the pregnancy nesting had me pacing the kitchen about an hour ago just straightening things that were already straight (for me already having OCD, that was by far the worst)! Lol My Goodness.. On top of that the treatment left me with a killer headache I've had for the majority of the night, but hey I'm still alive and breathing so I can deal with all the crazy stuff it wants to toss at me! ;)  Poor Baby C, I think he got really tired out from this round because he usually is always so active after dinner and when I'm in bed, but not tonight. I had to push him around (gently) just to reassure myself everything was ok, most scariest feeling in the world. He kicked me back eventually. It's just scary in times like that as I'm sure it is for any mother that experiences that feeling, but one thing I'm so very thankful for is today was the LAST treatment Baby C will have to go through with me in my belly, though he has been one tough little Warrior right beside his Mommy, I'm so glad he will no longer have to endure anything he may have throughout the treatments I received. That he will be safe in our arms and let Mommy finish this battle once and for all! :)  On another note we got a new chemo nurse at our treatment center. She has been working with me the past two rounds. She is a brand new nurse (just got her licenses in July) she's very smart/sweet and she is still learning. Which I totally understand, but today I felt a little like a guinea pig.... Last time a little bit too so it got a little old today. She went to push in the 16 Gage Needle (largest needle size mind you) into the port in my chest and tried going through scar tissue/my incision point (which is extremely painful and usually not pushed through at least the other nurse never did) and wasn't going in on the right angle so it shot back out at her not once, BUT twice.. Third time I was shaking and sweating so luckily the head nurse came over to assist, but it had to be pushed in again... I am all about someone learning the ropes and I'm here to help 100%, but on the other hand chemo isn't fun and not the place I want to be taught/learned on.. It was a painful way to start the draining chemo.  After that fun I developed that rash again on my right front part of my arm that happened last time. I pleaded for them to continue the treatment lol (if they felt it was safe to of course) so I didn't have to get pumped with a crap ton of more IV fluid to wash me out, which would only of left me feeling extremely bloated and me having to sit there another hour or so (peeing a million times no lie and having to lug that IV armor pole back and forth to the bathroom) and being 35 weeks pregnant, that would of brought tears to my eyes! Lol phewww dogged that bullet ;). The rash causes no pain or symptoms that I can feel/tell besides the redness/blotchiness so she was confident enough to let me continue on with the treatment. It's just very strange, the head nurse said she has never seen that before.. It has gone down at this point though so that's good.  My last news for the night, I was thinking and this totally gets blamed on my prego/chemo brain I currently have. That I would be getting at least a few weeks off chemotherapy to recoup (also based on how my OBGYN talked to me when giving me the induction date last week that was set in my mind) but come to find out today, after meeting with my Oncologist before my treatment started at 9:30am, he said I would be continuing about 5 days after delivery which only puts me 5 days behind normal schedule. I seriously wanted to cry. I know he doesn't want to take any chances and have me miss any rounds and I know it's for the very best, so looks like this Momma will be continuing on, right after delivery, full speed ahead! I'm thankful for the 5 day break because he originally said I would have to come in that Wednesday of the week of the 19th (which Baby C will probably arrive on that Monday, the 19th if induction goes well, I couldn't imagine that soon after delivering a baby having my chemo two days later) but he changed it incase I end up needing a C-Section so I have more time to "recoup" so I get 5 days. The show must go on! :) 


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