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Chemo Round One

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Yesterday morning was my first round of my chemotherapy regimen. It went pretty well to say the least. We got prepared as much as we could and had gotten everything I needed incase I experienced or do experience any symptoms. I actually had a whole "chemo shopping list" from my chemo nurse that we had to get particular items off of. We had to change a lot of things like tooth pastes (due to mouth sores your prone too because of the chemo drugs), shampoo/conditioner (baby shampoo is what it amounts down too, it has to be very gentle, my hair is going to fall out so were more concerned with keeping the scalp from becoming over sensitized), then some OTC meds, nausea meds from my OBGYN, and much more! So we got all prepared prior to my first treatment so that was good. 

Then treatment day arrived, like these days always arrive. Nerves were high that morning, but my husband kept me feeling good and I kept myself pretty calm. Though my mind was racking. My husband started my morning off by playing peppy music for me bright and early throughout the house while we were getting ready. I feel that music can speak for your soul when you haven't have the words to say. The song that played and hit home was, "Don't Worry, Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin" an awesome oldie (I love me some oldies music) here's a link to the song, I feel it can lift anyone's spirits when needed! (don't mind the strange music video lol it's the song that is good)

We arrived to chemo around 9:15 and got taken right back. Jamie and I both went back together and he was able to sit right next to me the entire and time and that he did. My chemo nurse prepped my chemo port and got the IV fluids started. About 15 mins or so later she started my steroid (these are considered just "prep meds" to keep me from having reactions to my chemo regimen (which consist of 4 different drugs in itself). Steroid went good, actually made me feel quite nice. Then they started my Benadryl and so it began.. About 10 mins or so into that I had to use the bathroom and man did I literally feel out of this world lol, which my chemo nurse explained it hits you hard and fast through an IV (the Benadryl).. but it  didn't really hit till Jamie helped me to the bathroom and inside the bathroom it hit me the HARDEST! My whole body started trembling, I felt like I was going to have a severe panic attack, it was awful! Jamie helped me back into the chemo room, wheeling my IV pole behind me while holding my hand.. And I just collapsed in relief to be back in my chair. I felt miserable for about an hour and thought to myself if the prep meds made me feel like this, how the hell does the chemo feel, but luckily it didn't get worse then that! The nurse doubled my IV fluids to get the Benadryl through my system faster and that seemed to help. They really made me as comfortable as possible. She said "don't worry you have your watch guard right beside you, as she smiled real big" (Jamie she was referring to) he literally watched me the entire time to make sure I was ok. Bless his heart.

So they had to start another mediation through the mix of the Benadryl fun, just an anti-nausea med and I did fine with that. They actually waited a little while longer after those meds went through to start my actual chemo regimen just to get me feeling a little better. So about 12pm they hooked my first dose of chemo up and this dose would take about 2 hours to go through the IV. I didn't feel much from it at all and after what I felt like prior to it, the chemo was a piece of cake. 

Time went by pretty fast having Jamie with me, we read books mostly through the 2 hours we had to wait for the first IV bag of chemo to go through.. I tried to sleep, but let's me honest, it's not the easiest place to just pop in a nap. I had several other cancer patients around me so it's a pretty lively place! Which is a good thing! :) So back onto the meds. My second, third, and forth chemo drugs all had to me administered by IV push (manually by the nurse) and those only took about 20mins or so. It was weird to think that as she pushed them in that one of them would contribute to my hair loss, just knowing it, it felt strange to me. Yet my hair is the least of my worries! After those were pushed through, I had to get my port flushed which just leaves a awful smell in your nose/throat of pure rubbing alcohol, but doesn't last long. Then we were FINISHED!!! 

I felt overly tired, but in all pretty good! Our son was moving throughout the entire treatment so I think after the 4 1/2 hours we were there, he had enough as well! It feels good to have my first round done, I know there are many more to come, but we will cross that road when we get there. The nurse told me symptoms can start to really accumulate closer to your second round as the drugs build up in the body, but I'll continue eating heathy, exercising and drinking plenty of water (which Jamie makes sure I do lol) and only hope for the BEST!! I can't thank you all enough for reaching out and offering all your help and support!! We appreciate it very much!! I will update again in a day or so to let you know how I'm feeling. 

P.S. We go next Tuesday for another OBGYN appointment to check on our little man and in a few more weeks they will be starting the two day a week none stress tests on him and I to monitor his growth and my body changes as well. We also follow up with my Oncologist next Wednesday to do just a check up on me before my next chemo treatment on 7/29. 


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