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Chemo Round Four

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

I really, Really wasn't looking forward to this yesterday. I just started feeling myself again over this past weekend and then Wednesday was here in a flash, AGAIN lol (I go every other Wednesday for those who may not remember and I've also been getting asked a lot if my dose of chemo drugs is different or in less quantity because I'm pregnant and the answer is no, they give me the same dose/drugs they would give any cancer patient at my staging/type and it does not harm the baby. It's based off of height and weight for how often I should go to treatments as well, that helps them map out how long it will last in my body so I'm not getting too much or too little). It's just so physically draining these treatments, but I know as I push on it will only benefit me and get better, I mean how could it not? It's helping to save me, though it's draining, I'll take that any day for the outcome I know we will have in the next several months to come! 

So we met again with my Oncologist at 9AM yesterday morning before my forth round of chemo at 9:30AM (the chemo treatment room is located in my Oncologists office building so very convenient, I'm sure I mentioned this before too/I have "prego AND chemo brain" so it's like quadruple the brain fog, so sorry if I repeat stuff, but I also get new readers so good to mention the highlights again). Anyway blood counts came back pretty good, white blood cell count is still within normal range. My hemoglobin is getting low, but not at an alarming rate (showing mild anemia from that), but the nurse said this is due to one of the chemotherapy drugs and this makes complete sense because my difficulty breathing has gotten a little worse (not the kind you get from being pregnant either, though I have that too lol) but my O2 levels are good, I'm able to workout without feeling like I can't breath so I'm hoping it doesn't get any worse from here or that it stays mild like it is. Low hemoglobin/platlettes causes shortness of breath for those who may not know because oxygen isn't being moved as much through the body as it normally would be. But besides that I know as the baby grows I will continue to feel the affects on my breathing from him pushing up my diaphragm, but worth every minute I have to endure of that. 

I have been having a lot of heart palpitations/PVS you might call them. So we mentioned that at my appointment and due to one of the other chemotherapy drugs that can temporarily affect the heart functioning, I will have to see my Cardiologist this afternoon for an exam. Though it's probably just a side affect, they have been becoming such an annoyance that I'd prefer to have it checked out as would my Oncologist. Plus they can be quite scary for those of you who have had them/have experienced them and I don't need anymore worry on my mind. That's for sure! 

We are also having our First Repeat Chest MRI next Wednesday, Sept. 2nd!! This is usually the point when they would perform another PET Scan, but I'm still unable to receive that because of being pregnant. At least the MRI will show them a bases as to if the chemo is doing it's job and the changes it may of made so far compared to the first one done back before treatment began in July. A downfall to just having an MRI verses the PET scan is the MRI doesn't show if the cancer is still cancer or formed scar tissue, nor if they even found it all. But I have hope and faith and in a few weeks I will be able to have a full body PET Scan done and that wil give us a full detailed dicription! 

I'm not going to get into all the "What If's" my Oncologist gave us yesterday if the MRI doesn't show change or enough of a change they would want to see at this point because I know it will be POSITIVE, but it's very overwhelming and I'm going to be very anxious to have this done, that's all I can say for now. 

On another note I am 30 Weeks Pregnant next week:) so our "Non-Stress Tests" for Baby C will begin! Two days a week I'll be going up to New Britain General Hospital for those, on top of being seen every other week for continued ultrasounds by my Doctor (which they've been doing since I was diagnosed with the cancer around 16 weeks or so I believe) we love seeing him so that's no complaint! I will eventually be seeing the doctor every week as well for basic ultrasounds as we get closer to being induced, (which still hasn't been decided on as far as anywhere from 34wks to 38 weeks delivery, should know more closer to end of Sept./Begining of Oct. it depends greatly on how him and I are both doing at that point I won't make it to 39 weeks that's the only thing I've been told) so three times a week we will have appointments for Baby C, busy busy!  My Baby Shower is this weekend, so I am really looking forward to that! Now after that it's like "Official Go Time" lol not that we haven't been preparing since way back :), but to start putting everything else together, washing clothes, packing the hospital bags, etc.! We are so excited and we can not WAIT! This little miracle baby certainly helps keep out spirits soaring high! 

So that's my update for now, still chugging along! I leave you with something I read a few weeks ago, "We grow spiritually when we do difficult things with a good attitude" like I said in my post yesterday on Facebook, ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING! ❤️ 

PS. Pregnancy Glucose Screening came back perfect last week! 


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