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Chemo Round Five

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Well I don't have too much "new" news to share, besides that we are finished with Round Five of Chemo which I'm thankful for. Just another foot closer to the finish line. Like I've mentioned before the chemo is starting to build up more and more in my body as treatments go on so it's affects are really becoming more prominent and dreadful to me. 

My mood suffers greatly for a few short days after due to the "prep meds" (these keep me from having any reaction to the chemo) they give me before they even introduce the four chemo drugs. Reason being, they cause my body to crash the next day, basically making me feel extremely depressed and my mind feels so scrambled. Literally feels like my brain is scrambled eggs after. Easiest way to put it. On top of pregnancy brain, lol. But after a few days things start to settle down and I'm just left with feeling tired and run down like. Nothing I can't deal with and push through. 

I tell you getting my workout in every day totally makes the world of a difference! Now more then EVER!! It is the best medicine, can't preach that enough! If I wasn't staying healthy and fit I can't imagine how much worse this would be for me. It helps clear my mind and elevate stress. It's my outlet, it was before Cancer and is even more now during all of this. 

As for Baby Chasse we will actually be given an induction date when I reach 35 Weeks (we are less then 4 Weeks away from that)! My Oncologist is going to get together with our OBGYN and come up with my "Game Plan" for delivery. They do not want me to go into labor on my own due to the fact that they will have less control over the situation and that makes my Oncologist a little nerves because my blood counts could drop and we could run into several problems if my water broke naturally. So inducing me keeps me in a "controlled" environment he put it as. Makes sense. 


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