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Chemo Round Eight (Oct. 28th)

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Sorry for the late update. I'm two weeks behind, just getting adjusted to having a newborn at home and continuing my chemo treatments, the chemo has just been the most draining part. Let me do a little catch up for you. We had chemo #8 on October 28th and we also brought home our son that day after my husband and I left my chemo treatment. Logan (our son) was in the NICU for a little over a week due to having fluid on his lungs when he was born. 

A little brief info on my labor, I went in for my induction as planned on October 18th, but after a few heart rate dips from our son and almost a day later from being induced and in labor, we were then told Logan wasn't tolerating the medications very well that they use to induce you (which was causing his heart rate dips) and that I would need a c-section. We were on the operating table within a hour of them telling us that and we were blessed with our son, Logan Romeo Chasse on October 19th 2015 at 5:35pm. Shortly after he was taken from us to be checked out in the NICU (which is standard procedure for early babies) and we found out he would be staying in the NICU due to fluid in his lungs. It was a very long week and few days at the hospital. From the excitement of being new parents, to the fear of the unknown.. We kept our faith and supported each other like we have been through everything else and Logan made amazing progress everyday. 

Then fast forwarding we had my chemo on the day he was going to be released from the NICU, talk about an exciting yet crazy scenario day, with a TON of emotion! But we couldn't be more grateful and happy that we are both healthy and doing great! Our family is now together and adjusting wonderfully at home. Logan is such a good baby!! 

Also for those who are not following my Facebook page, the day prior to Chemo #8 was my First Pet Scan which I shared with you all who are following my FB page. The scan we've all been waiting to do. I was so nervous/excited to find out what was going on inside with the proper screening I needed all along because being pregnant I could only have the MRI/no contrast, like I've mentioned before. Any way I was injected through my port with a radio active sugar and had to sit for about an hour as it ran through my entire body. That radio active sugar would then light up anything on the computer screen once I was in the machine, that was still cancer. Also showing them if we missed anything. That next morning when we arrived at chemo appointment the doctor told us the chemo WAS WORKING!! Five months in and we did NOT light up on the screen, meaning the cancer was being killed! It did show some lymph nodes still slightly enlarged, which is why they would never stop the chemo treatments until they are finished with the entire series because the cancer could possibly return if the complete course wasn't completed. I've been asked the question several times why I have to continue the chemo if the cancer is killed and it's simple, for example when your sick (with a common cold or whatever) you continue taking your medication until the dosage is done because if you don't you gamble with your sickness coming back. So we continue on with the chemo to make SURE all cancer cells are killed for good!  

So as of this Wednesday November 11th after Chemo #9, I will only have THREE more chemotherapy's!! I will get to bring in my New Year CANCER FREE!!!!! A Survivor! 

I want to Thank You All for your continued support, comments, and prayers through all of this. We appreciate it so much and we are so grateful for a the positivity and love we have received and continue to receive. Now I'm ready to finish this chapter with cancer, though it will forever change me (in a good way), I am ready to be FREE of Chemo! 


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