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Chemo Port Placement

Yesterday was quite the adventure to say the least. Let me just start off by sharing I woke up to our son kicking and moving around so much, I have never felt him like that before. I think it was his way of saying, Don't worry Mommy I'm a strong little boy and we got this. It really made my morning and made me realize even more how our son whom hasn't even been born yet, has made such an impact on our lives already. My surgery wasn't scheduled till 2:30PM yesterday, my goodness I don't know why they would make a pregnant woman go so late in the day when you can't eat/drink after midnight and go all that time that day, I just get so shaky and dizzy if I go to long without eating a "healthy" snack! So I was looking forward to the IV at the hospital to hydrate me! Lol But honestly even the admitting nurse said they usually take diabetics and pregnant people first thing in the morning for those reasons, but I guess that wasn't my case, oh well! But that's advice for anyone who may ever need surgery (I pray not) while pregnant. Get in first thing in the morning if possible! 

So up until we had to leave for the hospital my husband Jamie kept me occupied. I road with him into work for a bit and then we came back home and did a few things in the baby's nursery.. Then the clock started ticking, it was time to go. I'm not going to lie, I was so nervous. Jamie and I left for the hospital around 12:30pm because I had to me admitted at 1pm to start the IV/fluids, scan our peanut and make sure he was ok which his heart rate was 142 and the doctor said "Wow is he moving, he moved right into my line of sight (her scope)" for her to get his heart rate. He certainly made it easy on us and was ready for the battle! Bless his little heart. 

So after all the paper work, processing, and fluids had been hooked up, it was time to wait. The surgeon was running behind so I didn't get taken back till about 3pm.. Between that though the Anesthesiologist came in to talk to me about being put under "twilight" and how it would be safe for the baby, that it wouldn't harm him, just make him a little sleepy like it would me. (They would be scanning him after the procedure as well to check for the heart rate, etc.). I've never had twilight before so of course I had questions, the doctor asked if I preferred to be completely "snowed" lol.. I said only if I'm in pain. I would prefer to not be too drugged up and he agreed it would be best to give me as little as possible, though it wouldn't  harm our child it would just make it less on him.

So fast forward a little and the Anesthesiologist came back shortly after we chatted with a nurse to bring me back to the OR. I gave Jamie a kiss and hug, told him I loved him and he told me "You Got This" I agreed with a big smile of course, then the nerves set in, there is no turning back I'm thinking as I'm walking down the cold hallway, what a walk that was to the OR, I was only thinking positive telling myself it will only get better from here, but you can't help to naturally feel anxious. Once we made it in the room it looked like something straight out of the movies to me. There was so much supplies and instruments, not to mention doctors and specialists in the room, but they certainly made me feel extremely  comfortable! I laid down on the operating table and they strapped me down, they went over their check lists with each other and what each person was doing. Then the Anesthesiologist said he was administering some meds to help me relax. Wait for it, wait for it I'm thinking and boom, I starting feeling really, Really good lol.. He asked if I was feeling sleepy and all I could do was nod my head.. And that's all I can remember, up until a point I can remember saying "I'm in pain" and him saying "I'm giving you more." 

When I woke up I was in recovery and Jamie was right next to me. The surgeon had went out right after the surgery and let him know all went ok and that he would be able to come back and see me. Only thing he mentioned to my husband was he was unable to put the port in on my right side (right side is a lot easier the surgeon had told me prior to the surgery) because of the swelling I have from the tumors in my next/chest, he said he just made the decision to not cut into the area because it could cause more irritation. I'm totally fine with his decision. Glad he was on his A- Game! 

I woke up to being in some discomfort in my upper left clavicle region due to where they placed the tubing, but of course Jamie was right next to me so that made it better. They gave me some light pain meds (Tylenol with Codeine, safe for baby) for my pain because  I didn't want nothing stronger just because my main concern was not making the baby more out of it then necessary. They had to come in and take another X-Ray of my chest to make sure the placement was still good and that would give me the OK to be discharged. Which everything came back good to go! 

We were on our way home around 5:30pm or so... That leads me up to today. Well I actually wrote this at about 3am this morning because I was up all night in a good amount of pain. Now it's about 9am and I'm in a great deal of pain, but I will survive!! Just glad it's in and I'm ready to move ahead. Tomorrow we have an appointment with our OBGYN and we also have my Chemo Class. So tomorrow will be another full day! We should also know tomorrow when chemo will be starting. 


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