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A delayed start to Chemo Round 10

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Well most of you know Chemo Round 10 got delayed a little due to my white blood cell count dropping really low. A little catch up, I was given shots that started Tuesday (November 24th), Wednesday, and Thursday after my "approval blood work for chemo treatment" on that Monday showed my counts were so low they weren't even showing up on the lab markers. I wasn't able to receive my chemo treatment that Wednesday, November 25th so that Friday we thought after a few days of shots (the shots maximize the white blood cell production in your bone marrow) that by Friday I would be ok for treatment. Little did we know I was still extremely low. So it was a no go for treatment that Friday and instead we were told we would had to make trips to New Britain General all weekend long to get more shots till Monday. 

As far as how the shots made me feel, miserable. I mean I've been through worse, but the pain was pretty extreme. It reminded me of having the flu X10! The weirdest feeling of my bones aching from the inside out, caused from the marrow being forced to produce large amounts of white blood cells at an extremely fast rate. It's so crazy what the body can do. So Saturday and Sunday we got more shots, while praying Monday we would be all set for treatment! 

A side note.. We ended up into the ER that Saturday night for over five hours! I had been having some pain in my c-section area on Friday and the doctor had said if it turned red, hot, or swollen that I should definitely get checked out. Well, Saturday evening the c-section area got very swollen, red, and hot... My anxiety was through the roof thinking the worst at first only because my white blood cells (infection fighting cells) were so low and if I had an infection going on there would be no way I could fight something off without medical intervention. On top of thinking my chemo would be delayed even longer if so. So we headed to the ER to be safe and after blood work and all it came back just as the start to a topical incision infection. The ER Doctor explained that with me going through chemo (which makes my body fight itself) makes my healing process a lot harder/longer then the average, but there wasn't any sign of infection inside the incision which was great. They put me on a really strong antibiotic and since then it's been good! The swelling went down within a few days and we were back to normal.

Getting back to my chemo round 10. So last Monday after shots all week prior and all weekend long we were good to go Monday morning! My counts had went up just enough to receive treatment! This puts me at finishing my LAST chemo on December 28th! I'll still finish just in time to bring my New Year in CHEMO FREE!! So incredibly thankful for that! As far as how chemo round 10 went. Pretty rough feeling the next few days after. I can't begin to imagine if I had more then two more to go. It certainly has built up tremendously and it just hits you beyond belief. It's crazy how it all works.

So that brings us current and I go for my approval blood work for Chemo Round 11 this coming Friday morning. They made it STAT so I will know within a few hours on Friday if my white blood counts are still at a good enough level to receive my next treatment. I PRAY that all is well and we are all set to go in next Monday for my SECOND TO LAST CHEMO!! 


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