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The house MAY fall, but your bones are good so....?

I’m sure majority of you know the song, The Bones by Maren Morris. I love that song! I use her lyric line “the house won’t fall when the bones are good” a lot, but one day as I was listening to the song it hit me. Your house may fall (and by house I mean things like, but not limited to: a loss of a family member, loss of a job, loss of a relationship, illness, anything that comes your way that rips everything out from under you). You will feel like the world came crashing down on you (your house), but from the paths and battles I’ve taken, from my experience— when I’ve looked for just a sliver of the silver lining in the wreckage I’ve found with each fall, my body/mind/would (my bones) remain and returned even stronger! Praise God! That even if the house falls, my bones are good because I keep faith, hope, and like the verse states the greatest of these is LOVE and I clench onto those. Point being we can’t stop the house from falling sometimes, but we can make our structure stronger and when we persevere through the destruction OUR BONES ARE GOOD and I’d take having a good foundation any day over the walls that surround me because those can cave in. Build from the ground up and if the house falls may you rise from its destruction anew!

So now when I hear the song and her lyric '"the house won't fall if the bones are good" I think to myself, well yes, yes it still can because there are things beyond our control that can make it fall, but if my bones are good, there will be no permanent destruction I shall endure. Only perseverance to build upon the wreckage that will in return build my bones that much stronger. Sometimes we learn how to unfold our wings only after we have fallen. Love to you all,



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