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Growth is MESSY, but it makes you a better version of yourself.

GROWTH- it is and can be extremely uncomfortable, but so is staying in your comfort zone.

It is not all rainbows and butterflies when you are growing! It requires all that you got sometimes and there will not always a "finish line." You have to keep on working and growing longggggg after (as we should always be evolving) and it will not be motivation that will keep you keeping on, so let's clear that up a bit. That quick motivation you get after buying a new fresh blank planner (ya I still love me a hard copy planner lol 🙌🏼) or after seeing or reading a motivational post (this one for instance), none of that will keep you going and that’s where we fall short. Motivation will last you a week or so, then, it’s gone. What’s left?!

Commitment. Dedication. And Staying Consistent in the uncomfortableness of it all. Getting up and doing the “things” you need to do despite not feeling “motivated.” I mean, don't get me wrong- sometimes our bodies NEED rest and I'm not talking about being unmindful of that and our self care. I have to ALWAYS remind myself of this too. A overfilling plate doesn't mean you are doing/handling things well, it can mean the opposite quite honestly and only we can reconginze that. Back to this motivation part of it though.

Motivation is a TEMPORARY feeling. It is fleeting. However you get yourself to feel it, it doesn't stay.

Commitment however, will outlast it all. Commitment even when there's no motivation.


Growth will look different for everyone. It's comes in tiny changes or huge changes. In babysteps or straight up jumps. Or sometimes scared out of your mind steps or the most exciting steps of all. It will always be everchanging during different times or seasons of our lives. Growth is always sprouting depending on what we are planting and weeding out as deemed necessary.

We often give glorification to growth, as we should of course! But, very few talk about the mourning that comes along with growth and it’s healthy to know and to feel both!

Because sometimes the mourning/losses in GROWTH look like:

(*Side Note- don't get confused these "losses" are usually to our benefit in the long run, but they do not always feel that way in the beginning)

-Parting ways with friendships, relationships, or habits that keep us stuck.

-Living outside the norm and what’s familiar/comfortable to us or those around us.

-Isolating ourselves (or I like to think separating ourselves from the crazyness of the world) for a while so we can get our life back on track, THE RIGHT TRACK.

-Giving up the lifestyle we’ve been living, for the lifestyle we WANT to live.

Those are very tough things to feel during growth, but we all feel it in some way or form. Growth will also feel like loss because you are losing sometimes to GAIN something more. Even if the gain isn't in sight or even thought of yet. That uncomfortableness you have during growth is PROOF of your transformation occurring.

No matter what, GROWTH is letting go of the FAMILIAR and it can be simultaneously Beautiful and Painful. It’s parting ways with the old you, so you can continue to blossom in the direction of your dreams.

Evolve or Repeat. ✍🏼💗🙌🏼


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